My dear friends and partners…

munga_08_s.jpgIt is almost a month since we last gave you an update on where we are in this journey. We apologise … but we also thought that we can allow you to digest the information we had sent you the previous month…and also to allow you to miss us a little bit. I hope it worked.

I am excited about two things; one of them, is the knowledge that what connects us all together is something beautiful… it is called Hope. It is not hope in man, or material things, but hope in our God. We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. And we know that it shall never fail us, because God is not man…He never lies!

The second thing that excites me is the knowledge that we have come together, not because we want to feel good about ourselves, or take pride in ourselves because of what we are, but because we have a vision in making this world a better place, especially for the little children of God. It is because we have no joy when we sit at the comfort of our homes, and we know that someone somewhere is need, and we know that we are able to help that someone, yet we are not doing something.

It is because when a child cries of hunger in Africa, we feel their hunger, when a child cries out for help to stop drugs addiction, we hear their cry, it is because when a child cries up to God for a miracle, we are the miracle that God sends to them!!! Itmakes me so happy to know that you and i are small miracles, connectedtogether by the greatest miracle of all… Jesus Christ!

Now that is what makes me excited about us! And so the miracle of the Vizazi house is well, protected by God and glowing in his favour!

Boys are doing great in school… they are studying a little bit too much. It is funny…a few years ago, I was trying to force them to read… now am trying to make them leave their books and go to bed. So we have a good problem. Paul has been home for a couple of days or so. Some trouble blew in their school, and he leftand came home. He should be going back tomorrow… I spoke with the teachers and the school is ok now. They are also enjoying being by themselves for a long long time.They miss the Mzungus though!

Lucy passed her exams. If God allows, she might come to Germany and servefor one year at Bethanien. You may find joy being with her, and you will see that she has so so much to learn… because her life was such that she missed so much. Especially on living for others, which we are dilligently teaching her.

I know that it is in your heart to make efforts to scale up the resources available for the work. My heart is with you, and I willspare no effort in making this a reality. Now, God allowing, I will be visiting Germany for a few days inAugust. This will be a personal, but i will look forward to spending some few moments on office matters with you guys on the German side!

Wish you a brilliant day!