Das Projekt Kamulu

In the meantime, 2 temporary houses have been built in Kamulu, about 45 minutes by car from Nairobi.

With the help of donations from the Am Dönberg parish in Wuppertal, we were able to set up solar power for the fridge, light and sockets there.

Until the entire well is finished, we make do with purchased water for our daily needs.

The 145m deep well is completed and sealed. An approx. 5 m high scaffolding with a water tank will be erected here afterwards. This then provides a continuous self-sufficient water supply.

The property is 1 hectare and was bought very cheaply in 2004. The company Impreglon Surface Technologie / Te Strake made the purchase possible with their donation.

Various buildings are planned there for further planning to expand the work of Vizazi.

Residential buildings are then to be erected as an alternative to the house in Nairobi in order to save on rental costs.

We are currently in the process of expanding parts of the property. The harvest is intended for personal use and for sale on the market.

We also find the aspect of developing a possibility of living together for seniors with young people interesting; a first aid station could also fit into the concept.

The next steps / sub-projects are here:

    • Completion of scaffolding and water tank
    • Build entrance gate (completed 2020)
    • Plant hedge around the property (1600 hedge plants were planted on February 20)
    • Build additional toilet and shower (toilet and shower was completed in February 2020)
    • Concept development for residential buildings
    • Concept developement of water system to start farming.
    • check out;https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pNZxN-F8-nbBRXs6gIJ78sYtRXvN7xZp/view?usp=share_link